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Orozco El Idolo, new teaser campaign directed by Juan Carlos Cajiao

Posted: Sunday, November 11, 2012 by Juan Carlos Cajiao Velasco Freelance Director and Director Of Photography in Labels: , , ,

For the new TV serie on Caracol TV, Juan Cajiao as associated director of the broadcast company was on charge of directing some of the pieces named: Rafa Fans.

Rafa, the good friend of all is the mystic and beloved character every one have to talk about!

The testimonies create the sensation of knowing or want to know who is this Rafa, everyone is talking about...or dreaming about, or just saying thanks to him...

Autopromo creative: Andres Barrera
Executive Producer: Maria Fernanda Arbelaez
Art Direction: Felipe Sanchez
Field Producer: Consuelo Rojas

Shot with Cooke and Optimo Zoom lenses mounted on a Sony F3 camera.

Soon on the Juan Cajiao Youtube Channel!