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Alberto VO5 new spot with Laura Acuña

Posted: Monday, May 16, 2011 by Juan Carlos Cajiao Velasco Freelance Director and Director Of Photography in

This new spot shot on 35 mm, created by Edgar Rodriguez (Jr.) as brand creative was produced and photographed by Juan Carlos Cajiao on locations at Bogotá, Colombia.

Our Collect(+)ivo crew team effort was really big in order of getting everything for this beautiful spot


A cosmopolitan city landscape is being created on post phase, with a well care color treatment to intensify the modern and avant-guard feeling wanted for the spot. The edition will be ready on a couple of weeks.

Laura Acuña, as talented model and show hostess delighted everyone with her commitment and professional approach to the project. A long day and night session was necessary to get all the shots and she had and smile all the time! Thanks Laura! Thanks everyone who helped us!